Name of file or set of processing activities


Ministry of the Interior
PO Box 26, FI-00023 Government, Finland
tel. +358 295 480 171

Contact person in matters concerning the file

Name: Maintenance of the Internal Security Portal / Sari Samula, Coordinator, 
tel. +358 29 5488 371

Data protection officer of the controller

Mikko Levämäki
tel. +358 29 5488 351  

Name of the file

User register of the Internal Security Portal

Purpose of processing of personal data

The registration details of the Internal Security Portal users are needed for managing the portal's client relationships. The user creates a user ID to log into the online service or signs in with an existing social media ID. A registered user may add, for example, an event, project or workspace in the service. The user may also edit the events, projects and workspaces that he or she has added or which he or she has the right to maintain. In addition, the user can comment on content found in the online service.