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TUOVI - Internal security portal

TUOVI -portal is an interactive digital collaboration platform for security experts, stakeholders and networks

TUOVI is a website that provides information and a collaboration platform for internal security operators

TUOVI is a collaboration space and information sharing platform for internal security operators. TUOVI collects in one place projects, experiments and research in the field of internal security. 

TUOVI has collaboration spaces where registered members can work together. The workspaces allow the members to discuss, share information and materials and set scheduled tasks for projects. Anyone working with internal security can set up a workspace for working together on, for example, a project or event. 

What is the benefit of registering with TUOVI?

Registering with TUOVI as a member is worthwhile because:

- You can create workspace(s) for your project free of charge to conduct discussions, manage tasks related to the project, and store and share materials and events related to your project.

- You will have the opportunity to seek partners for your project from among hundreds of TUOVI members. TUOVI has several networks in place and projects underway that you can contact if applicable.

- You will get a comprehensive overview of events related to internal security. From the registered users’ side, you will find not only public events, but also events related to individual workspaces. 

- TUOVI is a shared and open information base and information sharing platform for internal security operators.

Who maintains and develops the site? 

TUOVI is maintained and developed by the members of the TUOVI team working in the Administration and Development Department of the Ministry of the Interior. The team is responsible for user research and development of the site. The team is responsible for any errors in the content it creates and for correcting them. The team is not responsible for the accuracy of any content linked outside TUOVI or the content of the workspaces. The site is actively developed on the basis of users’ feedback, needs and wishes. 

Who has copyright to the content of TUOVI?

Copyright to the materials imported into the workspaces is retained by the authors of the materials. The TUOVI team and the Ministry of the Interior do not hold the rights and are not responsible for the lawfulness of the material. 

Who is responsible?

Responsibility for the content on the registered users’ side rests primarily with those who imported the content. However, it is the duty of the TUOVI administrator to intervene in any inappropriate conduct and, for example, in the dissemination of illegal material. Administration has the right to revoke a person’s membership and to close the workspace if any inappropriate or illegal conduct occur.

The Ministry of the Interior is not responsible for any loss of files caused by a technical fault. Materials in the workspace and their backup are under the responsibility of the individual who imported the materials. However, the administrator is responsible for ensuring that any faults are repaired as soon as possible and that they cause as little inconvenience to the users as possible.

To ask for more information: 
• send e-mail to; or 
• send an inquiry using the feedback form available on the site (the yellow envelope icon at the bottom right of the page)